dog help me

I am seeing lots of people complaining about Disc underperforming and when I dig deeper I notice that the majority of these players are just not playing the spec correctly. It is a very different type of healer than it has ever been previously and there will always be a learning curve when your class changes as drastically as Disc did for Legion. With this in mind, I am getting fairly irritated at the amount of people who refuse to do any research or try to find credible literature on how the spec is actually performing in current content/alpha/beta testing and instead just post that it is “shit/bad” because they do not understand how to play it correctly.

Discipline Priest (as a class) is more than capable of being competitive in a mythic raiding environment if you are able to play it correctly. Disc has the highest skill cap of any healing class in the game by a large margin. If you are unable, or unwilling, to learn how to effectively heal as Disc you might as well not play it (Priests do have two healing specs). Disc has strengths and weaknesses like all healers do, but that does not mean it is not feasible in content.

Without this knowledge of how the class is currently performing or how it has been performing on alpha/beta I am not sure how you find it acceptable to leave your posts claiming to know what you are talking about when you obviously do not. Not only is this misleading for people who go to these sites for credible information (and are naive enough to believe whatever they read online), but it is also detrimental to the overall healing/priest/wow community because people are under a false impression of how a class is performing.

I am not going to sit here and attempt to change your opinion on disc as I am tired of seeing people who are actually knowledgeable (aka: people who have tested and know what they are talking about) get shit on constantly by people who have no clue what they are talking about but seem to have a louder voice. It is incredibly frustrating for myself and others who are trying to dispel the “disc is shit/terrible” illusion due to players continuously posting nonsense/fallacies without doing any type of research/testing to back up their claims.

My goal for this post is to urge you to do your own research/testing and come up with your own educated conclusions before adding to the cesspool of misconceptions that are plaguing almost all public class forums/discords. Alternatively I’d encourage you to seek out those that are using objective knowledge to backup their claims versus people who do not. Attempting to understand someone else's experience through their perspective is more beneficial than shutting them down instantly.

Many credible sources, myself included, are avoiding public forums/discords because of the amount of toxicity and misinformation that is being produced there. It is incredibly insulting when someone spends hours/days testing in alpha/beta content and then gets instantly shit on when they try to help someone who does not have that experience. This behavior only hurts the community that was founded on a game we all love, and pushes people away instead of bringing us all together. Don’t continue to harm the community you want to be active in. Improve it.

SUPER TLDR: Discipline Priests are more than viable in all types of content if you put in the time and effort and learn how to play it correctly. There is a huge difference in a class underperforming due to class balance/gear/etc and the players ability to fully play the spec to its potential.